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This game is marked as horror, does it have any jumpscares? Thanks in advance to whoever answers

There are no jumpscares in the game :)

The ending, WHYYYYYY


Good potential, gotta see how it 'gets dark', though I'd say the Mosquito attack/defense pattern of spamming Z is kinda 'Meh' ? I suggest later-in to maybe make it similar to the Light beam attack and have it hit/miss depending on messing up a 4-button-timed prompt like the Light Beam, cause 'Pressing Z' to avoid the attack is - impossible for it to actually hit you/do damage, and primarily a "Again? Wasting time-type of non-threatening NPC". Though, if you made it so you had to press 4 buttons and 'messing up = it hits you' or not able to do the button prompts fast enough = Get hit probably much more engaging


Hi, thank you so much for spending your time to send feedback. My intention with the Mosquito was to make them kind of annoying (just like real Mosquitoes are), but I guess I overdid it a bit. I'll considerate adding some changes in the next patch.


You definitely accomplished them being annoying in some way lol. Maybe make it annoying by audio mosquito buzzing that virtually hovers around your ears left-to-right and all around using spatial audio until you kill them?

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loved the combat system! It is fun and different from most RPG Maker games, the puzzles are also cool and I'm kinda excited to see how this project will go on!


Glad you liked it! Atm the game is around 65~70% of completion, hopefully it won't take me too much time.